Get paid to find fixer upper houses

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Hello my name is Gordon. I like to buy fixer upper homes then rehab them and sell them to owner occupied buyers. I need help finding more fixer upper houses. If you know of someone going through foreclosure or just needs to sell their home fast, give me their name and phone number. If I buy their home, I will pay you a $1000.0 referal fee. I will also give you distressed  homeowner leads if you want to contact them. You can contact them by telephone or door knocking. If they want to sell their home, you just give me their name and phone number. I will do the rest. If I buy the home, I pay you that $1000.0 referal fee. If you are in the building trades industry, I will put you on the top of the list on working on that particular house also. Please enter your email address if you want to start looking for fixer upper houses for money. I will send you ideas on how to find distressed properties and other ideas on how to make more money from home.

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Job creation continues to stagger

Friday, May 20th, 2011

I an article in the USA today on May 20th 2011. It says that job creation continues to stagger at the slowest post recession rate since the Great Depression. The nation has 5% fewer jobs today – a loss of 7 million – than it did when the recession began in December 2007. That is by far the worst performance of job generation following any fo the dozen recessions since the 1930′s. If this were a typical recovery, nearly 10 million more people would be working today than when the recession officially ended in June 2009. It officially ended in June 2009? What a joke. Tell that to all the unemployed people. This unique recession has been particularly unfriendly to job seekers, experts say. “There was too much employment in housing, and that isn’t coming back – and frankly shouldn’t come back” says Amar Bhide, a professor at Tufts university in Massachusetts. The housing collapse and productivity gains on the factory floor have made it hard for the economy to absorb workers without a college degree and young people generally, says Carl Camden, president of Kelly Services, a global staffing firm. Manufacturers are producing more value than ever in the USA with a fraction of the workers needed before, he says. The Health care field added jobs during the recession and they still are adding jobs. Construction lost 2 million jobs. It has only gained 400,000 jobs during the so called recovery.

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